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Fall 2017 -
New York State’s New Paid Family Leave Law / New York State’s New Paid Family Leave Law / Why You Need a Survey / Marital Assets: Prenuptial Agreements and Irrevocable Trusts - Part Two / News & Events / Important Notice / VMM Academy November Program

Summer 2017 -
'Gremophobic' Charitable Bequests: How to avoid the New York State Estate Tax 'Cliff' / Taking a proactive – and early - approach to selling your home / Marital Assets: Rules, exceptions and the blurred lines of the Domestic Relations Law – Part one / Estate tax portability: A second bite at the apple / News & Events / Important Notice / VMM Academy Calendar

Spring 2017 - You've been sued! Now What? / Employment retaliation claims: An Avoidable headache / Meet Paralegal Colleen Morici / A will is the easiest way to exclude someone... and perhaps, the most problematic / VMM expands Employment Law Practice / News & Events

Winter 2017 - Fiduciary accountings are not actually about accounting; they are about accountability / New York State expands parental rights / Who needs a prenup? You do. / News & Events

Fall 2016 - Arbitration and Mediation: Alternatives to Traditional Lawsuits / Estate and Tax Planning: Five Mistakes to Avoid / Meet Mary Lucatorto, Trust and Estate Paralegal / News & Events / VMM Academy's 2016 Seminar Series / Exit Planning for Business Owners

Winter 2016 - Important Labor Updates / New Disclosure Rules Affect Timing Of Real Estate Closings / Announcing: VMM Academy's 2016 Seminar Series / News & Events

Fall 2015 -Groundbreaking Decision on the Employment Status of Interns / Announcing the New Website / Understanding Guardianships / Significant Changes to New York's Alimony (Maintenance) Guidelines on the Horizon / News & Events

Summer 2015 - The perils of digital communications and social media in divorce proceedings / Employee or independent contractor? / Avoiding legal pitfalls when buying investment property / News & Events

Spring 2015 - Elder Law Planning: Protecting Yourself, Your Assets and Providing Peace of Mind / Mediation: A Viable Alternative to Litigation / Meet Terry DeStasio, VMM Firm Administrator / News & Events

Winter 2015 - The Exit Planner / Gee, where did I put my will? / Ability-to-Repay rule affects mortgage lending / News & Events

Summer 2014 - Is Your Power Of Attorney Due For An Update? / Social Media Policies May Infringe on Employees’ Rights / News & Events