Beginning with the Spring 2016 semester, the attorneys at Vishnick McGovern Milizio LLP have shared their wealth of knowledge via our VMM Academy -- as a way to educate, connect and foster discussions about legal topics we believe will provide the greatest benefit to the public. An added bonus is the valuable networking among VMM Academy attendees, a broad cross-section of individuals from the New York Metropolitan area and Long Island.

Our spring 2017 semester featured the following programs:

  • How to prepare your home for a sale: A legal perspective
  • What's yours, what's mine, what's ours: Understanding marital assets
  • Planning for children with special needs: What families should know

As a special addition to our calendar, we presented "Should I Have a Trust" in January 2017, with distinguished speakers Bernard Vishnck, Esq., Bernard McGovern, Esq. and retired Surrogate Edward W. McCarty III.

VMM Academy is on summer break now, as we gear up for the fall 2017 semester. We look forward to welcoming you to VMM Academy … an opportunity to expand your understanding of the intricacies of laws that have an impact on your personal and work lives.There is no charge to attend but advance registration is a must