Trust and Estate Litigation

Trust and Estate Litigation

Innovative Trust and Estate Litigation Firm

Vishnick McGovern Milizio’s reputation in the area of estate and trust litigation speaks for itself – among the judiciary, legal community and clients who can attest to the vigorous representation and significant results reported in New York and national legal journals. We are often called upon by other attorneys and their clients to act as their counsel in matters of trust and estate litigation.

A keen grasp the facts, innovative strategies, dynamic advocacy and a focus on the client are the hallmarks of Vishnick McGovern Milizio LLP’s Trust and Estate Litigation practice. Our attorneys have the knowledge required of the substantive law and, through years of practice in the Surrogate’s Court, the trial proceedings applicable to trust and estate litigation.

Beneficiaries, nominated executors, administrators, individual and corporate fiduciaries, trustees and other third-party professionals rely on our Trust and Estate Litigation attorneys to create compelling solutions to the most complex estate and estate accounting-related conflicts.

There are many reasons why litigation becomes the ultimate option when issues surrounding an estate or trust cannot be amicably settled:

  • Issue of competence
  • Proper execution of documents
  • Undue influence
  • Fraud
  • Fiduciary and trustee improper accounting/abuse/embezzlement
  • Family disputes
  • Disinherited family members
  • Long-standing family rivalries

Our Trust and Estate Litigation services include:

  • Will probate
  • Will contests
  • Estate and trust accountings
  • Discovery proceedings
  • Turnover proceedings
  • Defending fiduciaries against third party claims
  • Protecting a beneficiary from fiduciary wrongdoing
  • Objecting to the probate of a will or appointment of a nominated fiduciary
  • Trust proceedings
  • Representation of charitable organizations

During our firm's history, we are proud to have developed numerous long-term relationships with our clients and professional advisors. Our credibility within the courts and the legal community is evidenced by our history and reputation of more than 40 years. Our clients have confidence in the determined litigation and personalized client care that we provide to each matter. We look forward to discussing your case and providing the zealous counsel you need.