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    Best lawyer ever
    “Dear Richard,
    You are honest, dedicated, hardworking, smart and a thousand more qualities that I could fill the page with. No wonder you are practically bald; God couldn't make you all perfect. Your firm and I have the best lawyer ever.”
    - Katherin R.
    I highly recommend Mr. Apat and his team for any complex real estate litigation issue
    “Let me start by pointing out that I have been an attorney practicing law for over 50 years. When I found myself with a complex real estate issue in Brooklyn, we initially went to a firm in Manhattan for assistance. That firm indicated the area of law involved, which included adverse possession and potentially a mistake on a deed, was something they preferred to pass on. Apparently, it's a niche area requiring an extensive amount of research. The firm recommended Richard Apat and his firm. Mr. Apat looked at the property with us. He also reviewed the deed history and advised us that, in his opinion, we were the owners of the property through adverse possession and that he was willing to put his opinion in writing. Our issue, however, was that because the deed dated back many years and there were errors, it became a much larger project than originally anticipated. However, Mr. Apat and his firm had the resources to locate all the heirs (before meeting Mr. Apat I never heard of an heirship investigator) and to properly serve all of them. Mr. Apat's real estate team made a motion for summary judgment/default judgment, which was granted, giving us title to the property by adverse possession. After obtaining the court's order, Mr. Apat worked closely with a title company. He explained the nuances of the case and after a lot of time and attention to detail, they agreed to insure our property. I highly recommend Mr. Apat and his team for any complex real estate litigation issue.”
    - Harold Gordon, Esq.
    Blown away by the level of honesty and integrity

    Dear Richard,

    I spoke with my mom tonight, and the first words out of her mouth were, "Wow. He is such a mensch. He is so ethical." She was just blown away by the level of honesty and integrity that would spur you to look for, find and honor such a commitment. I have to be honest; I was less surprised. Over the past bunch of months I experienced it firsthand.

    So many times during this negotiation you could have encouraged me to take a deal that would have been just fine for you. But you wouldn't do it. I felt so much that I could trust you. It was always with great sensitivity to our situation, to the needs of our family, to the rest of our lives. I hate to say it, but there aren't a whole lot of people like you around. You come with such authenticity, such honesty and such a strong ethical sense.

    Obviously, you have been a fabulous lawyer. If not for the fact that you put together such an outstanding case on liability, if not for the fact that you were so incredibly thorough, we would never have gotten to this point. I walk away most impressed by the way you handled yourself throughout. May God continue to bless you with great success.

    - Caroline C.
    Thank you for treating me like a person and not a "file"
    “Richard Apat and his team of professionals took my case when many other firms would not. I am very satisfied with the outcome. Because my back injuries are permanent, Mr. Apat was not satisfied until the right offers began to come in. Thank you again for treating me like a person and not a "file." Good luck to you and your firm.”
    - Steve R.
    Grateful for the strength you showed under fire
    “I just want to take a few minutes to thank you for your help in defending my home from a constructive trust and partition action. A disgruntled relative wanted to force me out of my home; instead he was the one who had to leave. It was a long and bitter struggle against an unprincipled opponent but we prevailed in the end. I am grateful for the strength you showed under fire and your hard work in bringing this difficult matter to a close. Even in my darkest moments, you were only a phone call away.”
    - Maria Sotolongo, Attorney at law
    Went above and beyond
    “Dear Richard,
    I would like to thank you for your services regarding my property line dispute. I had initially doubted the matter would get resolved out of court, but you proved me wrong. I appreciated the fact that you were professional and kept me informed at each phase. Your firm and staff did a great job and were very courteous during the entire process. At the end of the day, my problem was resolved peacefully and I thank you. There were times I think you went above and beyond. As a result, I would not think twice in recommending you to somebody for your legal services. I have dealt with lawyers in the past for different matters and by far you are excellent, professional and fully represented me to the extent of the law as your client. As a note, I am a very happy client.”
    - Ramesh M.
    Thank you for all you did
    “Dear Rich: Just a short note to thank you for all you did. You are a true professional and I am sure you make many people very proud of you. I know Bob and I were very impressed with every way you represented us. We look forward to meeting Mary.”
    - Diane & Bob
    Mr. Apat's efforts resulted in a quick and favorable resolution
    “To the Queens County Bar Association, I wish to thank you for your referral this past September to the firm, specifically Mr. Richard H. Apat. I requested the referral because I had just been sued by a neighbor and needed guidance on how to proceed. After a fruitless search of various agencies and organizations, I finally located your referral service. After briefly describing my situation, I was referred to this law firm. Mr. Apat was generous with his time and advice even before I decided to retain his services. I soon realized Mr. Apat was more than capable of undertaking my case. Although my case was a difficult one, Mr. Apat made me realize that everyone is entitled to the protection of the law. Mr. Apat's efforts have resulted in a quick and favorable resolution, barely two months after I retained his service. Mr. Apat has proved to be knowledgeable, competent and thoroughly professional at all times. I would not hesitate to use his services again and highly recommend him. I urge the Bar Association to continue to refer his services.”
    - Margareta G.
    We thank our lucky stars that we were able to consult with Mr. Apat
    “Last summer, when my family was threatened with litigation over our fence and property line, I was lucky to find Mr. Richard H. Apat. He was friendly and attentive, and eased my tensions.  Mr. Apat provided a clear explanation of our legal rights regarding property boundaries. With Mr. Apat's expert guidance, we were able to define and claim property owned by our family for decades, avoiding the high cost and stress of courtroom litigation. We thank our lucky stars that we were able to consult with Mr. Apat. He and his co-workers and staff should be commended for their time and effort to our case. We would highly recommend Richard Apat for any further case. Thank you again for your expertise.”
    - The Wick Family
    Professionalism and expertise
    “We want to express our sincere appreciation for your professionalism and expertise in handling our case. Your interpersonal skills and your knowledge of the law exceeded our expectations. We will highly recommend your service to any of our friends or family members. Thanks again for the quick, successful resolution to our case.”
    - Shira, Shazam & Ishaw A.