Alternate Dispute Resolution

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Alternate Dispute Resolution Options

The Cost-Efficient Alternative to Litigation

If you are faced with a legal dispute but want to avoid trial, then Alternative Dispute Resolution may be the solution for you. Vishnick McGovern Milizio LLP provides unwavering and reliable dispute resolution services for a variety of legal matters. Our skilled and knowledgeable mediators offer a realistic approach, regardless of how complex or high-stakes your issue may seem.

What is alternate dispute resolution (ADR)?

Alternate Dispute Resolution allows all parties to work towards an agreeable solution outside of court. Our mediators can help everyone save time, money and energy. Negotiating rather than litigating also gives the parties more control over their situation and the desired outcome. Our mediators serve as “neutrals” who help parties in a dispute speak for themselves and make their own decisions. Mediation is non-binding.

By engaging Vishnick McGovern Milizio LLP for Alternate Dispute Resolution you can:

  • Consider the recommendations of the mediator
  • Ensure confidentiality in the process
  • Express what is important to you and hear the other parties’ perspectives
  • Minimize stress
  • Resolve disputes through direct discussions with the other party

Our dispute resolution lawyers work closely with all parties to ensure the entirety of their interests are protected. With even the most complex and heated disputes, our experienced attorneys can be relied upon to passionately mediate every case with precision and professionalism.