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Partner Avrohom Gefen Discusses on News 12 NY & NJ How Businesses Can Reopen Legally and Safely

Partner Avrohom Gefen Discusses on News 12 NY & NJ How Businesses Can Reopen Legally and Safely (VIDEO)

Partner Avrohom Gefen from VMM's Employment Law, Commercial Litigation, and Alternative Dispute Resolution Practices was interviewed yesterday on News 12's "The New Normal" with Elizabeth Hashagen. He discussed businesses reopening post-COVID-19 lockdown and what employers and employees need to know.

The prime time morning show was broadcast to an audience of 4.9 million viewers across New York and New Jersey, including affiliates News 12 Brooklyn, News 12 The Bronx, News 12 Long Island, News 12 Westchester, News 12 Hudson Valley, News 12 New Jersey, on the News 12 website, and on Facebook Live.

Among the topics discussed:

  • What business owners should consider when reopening.
  • How to navigate OSHA and COVID-19 regulations.
  • What employers and employees can expect from each other.
  • How to make employees feel conformable.
  • What special accommodations employees may be entitled to.
  • What can employees do if they feel they aren't properly protected.
  • Can employers mandate temperature checks for employees or clients?
  • EEOC vs. HIPAA: how to navigate COVID-19 testing for employees and privacy laws.
  • Can employees be required to wear face masks or other PPE?
  • Can employees who refuse to return to work be terminated?
  • Can employers send employees home or demand they stay home?
  • Can employers demand to see a doctor's note?
  • Are liability waivers viable?
  • How to navigate going back to work with childcare challenges.
  • Do self-employed people qualify for unemployment?
  • Are there unemployment exceptions for certain industries?
  • Can business owners who reopened but aren't profitable still file for unemployment? Can they re-close and file for unemployment?
  • Is there business rent relief for closed businesses? Can landlords demand past rent for the time closed?

Watch the full interview: