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An update about the status of the Matrimonial and Family Court System

COVID-19 Update: Status of the Matrimonial and Family Court System

An update about the status of the Matrimonial and Family Court System:

At this time, no new filings of matrimonial cases are accepted in New York State. The only exception is if there’s an emergency attached to the filing, such as child abuse or neglect. Otherwise, and until further notice, no new divorce cases can be filed.

Secondly, at this time any and all Judgments of Divorce and Qualified Domestic Relations Orders are not being processed. They can be submitted, but the Court does not have the personnel to follow up and review.

Thirdly, pursuant to a recent amendment, new motions can be filed on existing cases. Both Nassau and Suffolk Counties are requesting that the motions be conferenced before they are submitted to the Court. Motions in Nassau County must be filed electronically. In Suffolk County, litigants must use the EDDS (Electronic Document Delivery System). Suffolk County may switch to electronic filing in the near future.

In the event a matter has already been filed but not electronically, it must be converted to the electronic filing system. This can be done by one of the following:

  1. Stipulation by the parties.
  2. Application to Court.

Stipulations of Settlement and Separation Agreements can be signed under the new rules concerning execution in the presence of a notary.

Finally, at this time there are no scheduled hearings or trials and new applications cannot be scheduled. Judges will however entertain arguments and “mini-hearings” concerning custody and juvenile delinquency issues.

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