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Most employers know that the minimum wage in New York is increasing on December 31, 2018.

  • For employers in Long Island and Westchester, the new minimum wage is $12/hour.
  • For New York City small employers (less than 11 employees), the minimum wage is $13.50/hour/ For large employers (11 or more employees) it is $15/hour.
  • For the remainder of New York State, the new minimum wage is $11.10/hour.

Less well known is that the minimum salary for "exempt" employees also is increasing significantly.

  • Currently, in order for an employee to be deemed exempt, they must receive a minimum annual salary of $42,900 in Long Island and Westchester; $46,800 for small New York City employers; and $50,700 for large New York City employers.
  • These minimums will increase, respectively, to $46,800, $52,650 and $58,500. Bonuses, even if non-discretionary, do not count toward the minimum salary. If these salary requirements are not met, the employee is deemed non-exempt and overtime must be paid.
  • This means that, for example, if a salaried employee for a New York City business with 11 employees is not paid at least $58,500 annually, the employee must be paid overtime of 1.5 times his or her regular rate if they work more 40 hours in a week. If this employee is paid an annual salary of $52,000, his or her regular hourly rate is $25 an hour and the overtime rate is $37.50. If the employee works 50 hours in a week, he or she must be paid an additional $375 that week for ten hours of overtime.

Employers should review their employment practices and policies before the New Year to ensure compliance and avoid liability.

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