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Partner Joseph Trotti Discusses on News 12 Schools Reopening and What Families Need to Know

Partner Joseph Trotti Discusses on News 12 Schools Reopening and What Families Need to Know (VIDEO)

Partner Joseph Trotti heads the VMM Family Institute, the firm's Matrimonial and Family Law Practice, and is a partner in the firm’s LGBTQ Representation and COVID-19 Legal Assistance Practices. He was interviewed yesterday on News 12's "The New Normal" with Elizabeth Hashagen, discussing schools reopening post-COVID-19 lockdown and what families need to know.

The prime time morning show was broadcast across New York and New Jersey, including affiliates News 12 Brooklyn, News 12 The Bronx, News 12 Long Island, News 12 Westchester, News 12 Hudson Valley, News 12 New Jersey, on news12.com, and on their Facebook Live pages.

Among the topics discussed:

  • How to navigate the confusing and often contradictory information regarding schools, safety, and childcare.
  • What are the considerations when deciding whether to send the kids back to daycare or school?
  • How to allocate parenting time during the pandemic.
  • How to navigate issues and disagreements over custody, visitation, and travel.
  • What if child who traveled is unable to return due to quarantine or travel limitations?
  • Changing child support or alimony payments in light of COVID-19's impact on income.
  • Can a divorced parent make up for lost visitation following quarantine?
  • Disagreements between parents on safety issues at home or at school.
  • How to avoid parental alienation and how it can backfire.
  • Federal vs. State law governing the reopening of schools and other education issues.
  • Who's monitoring the enforcement of safety laws is schools, and what can parents do if they aren't properly enforced?
  • The rights and remedies of children in IEPs (Individualized Education Programs).
  • Mask mandates and exceptions for kids with asthma or other respiratory conditions.
  • How can older or immune-compromised school staff protect themselves?
  • What to do if one parent is diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Creating a visitation schedule through teleconferencing (FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, etc.).
  • Resolving disputes through Collaborative Law for both cohabiting and separated parents.
  • Changing schools during quarantine.
  • How to create plans that serve the best interest of the child.
  • Other considerations of rights and safety of children.

Watch the full interview:

Partner Avrohom Gefen from VMM's Employment Law, Commercial Litigation, and Alternative Dispute Resolution Practices was also interviewed on News 12's "The New Normal" about businesses reopening post-COVID-19 lockdown and what employers and employees need to know. The interview is available here.