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Now Is the Time: Prepare Your Business for Reopening

Now Is the Time: Prepare Your Business for Reopening

As of yesterday (6/22/2020), New York City and Long Island are in Phase 2 of the "NY Forward" reopening plan.

As businesses open their doors to clients and employees, it's essential that they follow two courses of action: they must ensure that they are in full compliance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations, and they must have a business operations and employment plan in place.

Businesses allowed to reopen include:

  • Offices: professional services; administrative support; information technology; etc.
  • Real estate: building and property management; leasing, rental and sales services; commercial, non-residential buildings.
  • Retail: shops; rental, repair and cleaning services; barbershops and hair salons (with limited service); vehicle sales, leases, and rental services.
  • Eateries: outdoor, takeout, and delivery food establishments, including restaurants, food trucks, and other concessions.

Remaining closed are: malls; most indoor restaurant and bar services; event venues; fitness centers and studios; movie theaters; and other establishment of public amusement and gathering.


In addition to following safety guidelines, business owners and executives should have in place and update relevant items from the following:

 Workplace return plan

 Employee handbook

Employee agreements, contracts, and separation agreements

Wage and hour policies related to remote work and amended employee benefits

Policies and accommodations for employee travel and special requests

Bonus incentive program documents

 Client and employee liability waivers

Business and employment legal compliance: FMLA, FLSA, OSHA, ADA, Title VII, NYS, etc.

☑ Financial restructuring plan

☑ Contract amendments and enforcement

Debt mitigation plan and work-outs with creditors


This list is not comprehensive, nor does every business require all documents and plans listed. For any questions or for help preparing your business for reopening, contact us.

More information about NYS reopening stages can be found here. General office-based work guidelines for employers and employees can be found here.