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Father's Day 2022 – What Is a Father? (VIDEO)

Father's Day 2022 – What Is a Father? (VIDEO)

What makes a father a father?

In this special episode of his Family Matters vlog, partner Joseph Trotti, head of Vishnick McGovern Milizio LLP’s Matrimonial and Family Law practice and founding partner of the VMM Family InstituteSM, is joined by VMM managing partner and head of the LGBTQ Representation practice, Joseph Milizio, and associate Meredith Chesler of VMM's Surrogacy, Adoption, and Assisted Reproduction practice.

They explain the legal definition of a father and how it's constantly evolving, how marriage may affect paternity, when a paternity test makes a difference and when not, what happens when a father discovers he's not the biological parent and what legal obligations he may still have, when a longtime boyfriend can be declared the father, the many different types of adoption, including second parent adoption, families with two fathers, the new surrogacy statute in New York, and the landmark Brooke B. case.

From all of us at VMM, wishing you a happy Father’s Day!