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What Newlyweds and First-Time Home Buyers Need to Know (VIDEO)

What Newlyweds and First-Time Home Buyers Need to Know (VIDEO)

Betrothed couples and newlyweds receive plenty of advice about their future, particularly when it comes to buying a house. But what they're rarely told--and should really know--is what shared assets and comingled finances actually mean, and how to protect themselves in case of a future divorce.

In this week's episode of his Family Matters vlog, partner Joseph Trotti, head of Vishnick McGovern Milizio LLP’s Matrimonial and Family Law Practice and founding partner of the VMM Family InstituteSM, explains what's considered shared property, what to do if in-laws or others loan or help pay for assets like a home, how uneven contribution to shared finances is calculated, and how pensions are divided in case of divorce.