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Partner Joseph Trotti interviewed in Newsweek on "Evil Stepmother" Custody Case Trending Internationally on Reddit

Partner Joseph Trotti interviewed in Newsweek on "Evil Stepmother" Custody Case Trending Internationally on Reddit

VMM partner Joseph Trotti, head of the Matrimonial and Family Law practice, founding partner of the VMM Family InstituteSM, and member of the Surrogacy, Adoption, and Assisted Reproduction and LGBTQ Representation practices, was interviewed in Newsweek today on an "evil stephmother" custody case that's trending internationally on Reddit.

The article can be found online here and below.


Woman Refusing To Give Baby to 'Evil' Stepmom Who Can't Have Kids Backed


Mother Holding Baby With Elderly Woman


When a couple become parents it isn't uncommon for them to have many visitors. But one visit from a family member took an unexpected turn that has shocked the internet.

In a Reddit post titled "Evil stepmother wants my baby," u/Ashamed-Leg7206, 29, explains she lives in Italy with her fiancé, Marco, 37, and their five-month-old daughter called Willow. She states her mom flew over from England to see them when the baby was born but her dad, who she describes as "crap" and "inconsistent" didn't.

The OP, who preferred not to give her name, told Newsweek: "My father will constantly choose a woman over his own daughter."

In the post shared on August 6, u/Ashamed-Leg7206 states her dad is married to a woman called Tammy, who "never liked" the original poster and was unable to have children. Recently, the pair turned up "unannounced" to meet Willow.

"She [Willow] was getting a bit fussy and she combination fed but as I was home I grabbed a cover and let her latch onto me. Tammy says the breastfeeding will have to stop soon, I'm confused and ask her why, and she said it couldn't be kept up when Willow is with them," she wrote.

It turns out the stepmom and dad had an ulterior motive and they suggested splitting custody of Willow. They attempted to reassure the mom it will be fine as they had already decorated a room for her.

Explaining the reasons behind the suggestion, the OP said: "[Tammy claims] the age gap between myself and Marco is unhealthy for a child to grow up with, saying it was obvious I needed help and she was happy to, and mostly that I was obviously more bothered about working than staying home with my baby so I should just let her have Willow. But obviously, she wasn't able to breastfeed so we would have to stop that now."

The shocked mom states Tammy believes she can provide a "calmer" and stable home for Willow. Of course, she refused the offer and stated she has been "weirded out" ever since, as she has been inundated with texts from her father.

The OP said: "The situation has made me worry for mine and my daughter's safety. It has again proven that my father is not a real father."

Joseph Trotti, a litigator and mediator, advises the parents to no longer communicate with the couple about their child.

Trotti, a senior partner at legal firm Vishnick McGovern Milizio, told Newsweek: "The issues of prioritizing work or age gaps are not legally sustainable arguments and would be summarily dismissed without a hearing."

So far, the post has received 7,400 upvotes and the top comment has 2,600.

It said: "Seriously?! That's a crazy you need to get as far away from as possible. She hasn't done anything to warrant a protection order, but get prepared for more. Security camera upgrades. Preemptive calls to police and CPS, or equivalent. Block and go no contact until she's had some serious therapy."

Another said: "Wow!! Just wow! That is like another level of crazy. I am thinking that, knowing how Italians are about family, should you decide/be able to get them involved, the law in Italy would very much frown on any attempt your sperm donor and crazy lady might make to continue contact with you."