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Don’t Let A Boundary Dispute Go Unresolved

Sometimes, neighbors find themselves involved in a dispute regarding a shared property line. In addition to determining where the actual property line is, another potential problem is one party claiming it owns the other party’s land through adverse possession. Adverse possession involves one party acquiring ownership of another person’s property by exercising the rights of ownership, i.e., occupying the premises openly, notoriously and in a hostile manner for an uninterrupted period of 10 years or more. These boundary line disputes often end in litigation.

Protecting Your Rights In An Adverse Possession Dispute

There are many defenses to an adverse possession claim. Unlike other less-experienced attorneys, our lawyers are deeply familiar with these claims and will not be learning on your case. At Vishnick McGovern Milizio LLP, we have handled many property boundary line disputes and adverse possession claims. Please review our adverse possession case results to learn more about our experience.

Unfortunately, the typical title survey is insufficient for establishing the boundary line. In court, what is required is a more formal survey method, sometimes referred to as a metes and bounds survey or a boundary line survey, which shows exactly where a party’s property begins and ends. As of July 2008, the law of adverse possession across boundary lines has changed, with former Governor Patterson passing a law dealing with boundary line disputes and claims of ownership across boundary lines. One must be up on the law and have the necessary experience to successfully pursue and defend these cases.

As a point of interest, Rockefeller Center is closed one day each year to make certain that no person, trespasser or squatter can claim title to the property through adverse possession. This one day will interrupt the continued possession and defeat any such claim.

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